Planning, Development and Maintenance of Web Enabled Information System for Bulgaria’s EU Accession for the period 1997–2007

The main project objectives are 1/to foster citizens’ participation and create critical thinking amongst diverse expert and nonexpert audiences with regard to country’s EU national accession policies through providing interactive opportunities for citizens to benefit from the Web enabled modern information and communication setting in support to country’s “scheduled” accession process, 2/to provide equal access and individual user friendly treatment of diverse institutionally based and professionally defined target groups to debate on matters of national concern and in relation with the EU accession process through the introduction of IT modern facilities for effective moderation of the flow of input from citizens towards the governmental accession policies, and 3/To offer space for citizens monitoring, advocacy initiatives and expert policy analysis in European policy areas through the provision of effective and multifunctional Web based tools for individual clients initialization and sectoral Web areas.

Main project activities:

  • Development of 1997-2007 Bulgaria’s web enabled information system -
  • Preparation of initial materials for 1997-2007 Bulgaria’s web enabled information system;
  • Introduction, monitoring, training and maintenance of 1997-2007 Bulgaria’s web enabled information system;
  • Presentation and promotion of the system to European Forum members, the national team for implementation of the National Communication Strategy, representatives of the ministries, media, and national donors.

Client / Beneficiary:
 Non-government sector, civil society, Public and Private sector

Duration of the project:
Countinious, [February 2003 – to present]