Pilot implementation of System for the Quality of the Administrative System

The administrative services provided by the local authorities in a significant extent shape the quality of life, and form an important dimension of the concept of local self-governance. The attaining of those priorities requires thorough methodological provisions regarding both the implementation of administrative procedures, and the measuring of their efficiency. The principal goal of the project is to raise the quality of the public services provided by the municipal administration and more particularly the public services, which are carried out through the procedures for administrative service provision and directly concern the investment activity on the territories of Byala and Devnya municipalities, Varna district. Improving the process of administrative service provision requires the development or optimization of a working mechanism for an efficient exchange of information between the local authorities and the community members.

Main project activities:

  • Research of the administrative procedures for provision of public services;
  • Functional review of the administrative structures involved in the provision of public services;
  • Development of pilot model of a system for the quality of the administrative service provision;
  • Training of local administration officials for application the pilot model of the system for the quality of the administrative service provision.

Client / Beneficiary:
 Local administration – Byala and Devnya municipalities

Duration of the project:
8 months, [December 2002 – July 2003]