Design and development of public monitoring system for Personal data protection

The project aims to compare the current state of data protection and to offer assistance on this matter to 6 EU candidate and acceding countries (Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Latvia and the Slovak Republic) in the field of protection and free movement of personal data as part of the process of development of the internal market and the provision of free movement of people, goods, services and capitals, to benefit from the experience of the member countries (The United Kingdom), concerning personal data protection in the context of the European market and the information society and to initiate a discussion on a national level on the measures that has to be taken in order to keep the course of further alignment with the EU acquis on this matter, by using the experience of the EU candidate and acceding countries. The project activities include organizing an International Conference, publication and circulation of a collection of reports and results from the conference, organizing a National Discussion Forum, outlining policy measures for the purpose of setting the Bulgarian legislation on personal data protection in accordance with the EU acquis.

Main project activities:

  • Organization of international conference on “Personal Data Protection – Policy And Practice in The EU Accession and New Member States” – 57 participants from NGOs, academic communities, professional unions, law-enforcement, professionals and organizations from Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Latvia, Hungary and the United Kingdom;
  • Publication and dissemination of conference papers in English and in Bulgarian;
  • Organisation of a follow-up National Discussion Forum on Bulgaria’s aspect of the deficiencies in the process of enforcement of the personal data protection legislation, and outlining of policy measures and recommendation to policy-makers for undertaking of respective improvements and amendments;
  • Data base development and Web-enabled information system putting into operation -
  • Update on the developed specialized Internet web page;
  • Popularisation of the events and dissemination of information on the project;
  • The Centre provides permanent possibility for on-line consultations to the end users for their rights and obligations concerning issues and cases in observing the Law on Personal data protection in regard to Labour and Social Security Legislation.

Client / Beneficiary:
 NGO’s, academics and professionals from EU candidate and acceding countries

Duration of the project:
10 months [September 2004 – June 2005]