Policy support and technical assistance for good governance

The main project objectives are: 1/To provide timely and accurate information for internationally funded development projects in Bulgaria, as part of the international system for monitoring and analysis of the international development cooperation, 2/ To coordinatee between the government and the donor organizations, and 3/ To provide efficient instruments for planning, management and monitoring the internationally funded projects on part of the Government.

Main project activities:

  • Analysis of the existing information systems for analysis of the international cooperation;
  • Development of a new concept for management information system for planning, management and monitoring of internationally funded projects (MISIFP);
  • Creation of software module for collection and storage of information for internationally funded projects;
  • Development of online database - Management Information System for planning, management and monitoring the internationally financed development projects -
  • Training of PMUs from central administration for application the pilot model of the system

Client / Beneficiary:
Council of Ministries of Republic of Bulgaria, Non-Government sector, Civil society, Public and Private sector

Duration of the project:
3 years, [September 2002 - September 2005]