Local government in the transition countries of Central and Eastern Europe

The study focuses on Decentralization and formulation of democratic local government system as parts of broader reforms: Moving the workplace and job related dependency of citizens towards territorial, residence based political structures; and Establishment of local governments, transformation of the structure and procedures of public administration through capacity buildingThree main significant challenges to Local governments:

  • Improving the quality and operational efficiency of local government and administration;
  • Restructuring the relationship between local governments and citizens and acknowledgement of the fact that citizens are the customers of the local administration;
  • Adjustment of local governments and local administration to the requirements and conditions of economic development of both the locality and the country.

Main project activities:

  • Study Preparation;
  • Presentation “Local Government in the Transition Countries of Central;
  • Participation in the Eastern Europe” Standing Conference’s General Assembly

Client / Beneficiary:

Serbia Local Government Reform Program

Duration of the project:

[December 2002]