Raising the citizens’ awareness of their rights and obligations in the field of personal data protection

The efficient enforcement of the Law on Personal Data Protection is tightly connected to the informing of the citizens on their rights and possibilities ensured by the Law. Subjects of the personal data protection should be enabled to obtain sufficient advice and consultations, as well as to receive compensation in case of violation of their rights.

The main objective of the project was to raise of citizens’ awareness of their rights and obligations provided by the Law on Personal Data Protection, as well as the obligations of the administrators of personal data with regard to the protection of the integrity of these data.

The focus of the project was:

  • Determination of the public and practical importance of the legislation on protection of personal data as well as the requirements it establishes with regard to the internal and external conditions existing in the country – political, economic, social and technological;
  • Review and translation of the basic EU documents dealing with the personal data protection matters and the law enforcement in the field;
  • Planning of the activities on delivery of information within the public society, determined according to the needs declared by the citizens as well as the European practices

Funded by: OSF – Sofia

Duration: September 2003 - June 2004