Structural Funds Civic Watch

Project Goal: to contribute to the maximum possible degree to the transparency and accountability in the use of the EU Structural Funds assistance in Bulgaria, in particular those amounts dedicated to Roma inclusion.


The specific objectives are to perform systematic monitoring of the implementation of two Operational Programs – Human Resources and Regional Development – from their kick-off through their evolvement, and of one Framework Program from the perspective of the full inclusion of the Roma population in the public life of Bulgaria; stimulate civic dialogue on the government interventions and the participation of the Roma in the decisions of their own future; strengthen pluralism by making broader societal circles involved in the discussion of the implemented projects and activities and committed to the development of adequate policies; increase the capacity of local Roma organizations to use needs assessment and idea generation tools for designing successful project proposals and participation in the operational programs.

Target group and beneficiaries:

  • the local communities, in particular in Sliven, Pleven, Montana and Lom;
  • Roma organizations and organized groups;
  • the local administrations as an intermediary between the interests of the communities and the managing authorities of the programs;
  • the general public.