Mastering decentralization and public administration reforms in Bulgaia

Local Government and Public Reform Initiative
By Gabor Peteri (Editor)
Budapest, 2002
ISSN:1586 4499, ISBN: 963 7316 76 0
LGI Studies

This volume of LGI Studies series has two major parts. The first one focuses on substance of decentralization and public administration reforms. Here the authors give a general overview on various aspects of reforms in Central and Eastern Europe. In the second part of the volume experts from selected countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland and Slovakia) write about their own experiences.

The purpose of the Bulgarian chapter is to present the experience in organizing the system of state governance in several basic aspects: the new role of the state—a conception for modernization of the country; the model of state governance and distribution of power between central and local authorities; the new model for organization of the administrative system; a system for managing the process of introduction of the new model of organization in the administrative system; results from the process of transformation of the administrative system.

The ambition of the analysis is to point out the strategic challenges, which the modernization of governance and the model of organizing of the administrative system have to meet, the impact of these processes on decentralization and the effective distribution of powers at the regional and local level, as well as the necessity for enlarging and activating the civil participation.

Analytical study (ISSN:1586 4499, ISBN: 963 7316 76 0)