Rebuilding state structures: Methods and approaches

The aim of the publication is to present the functional review as an instrument for designing the effective structure of the central level of public administration. The publication will explain when the functional review is required and what its main aim should be. It will present the methods and techniques of functional review as well as the forms of its implementation. It will emphasise the factors, which help to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the functional review and its implementation. The theoretical parts of the publication will be complemented by case studies from countries that have already undertaken functional review (Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia and Bulgaria) or are currently in the process of finalising a functional review (Kyrgyzstan). The publication will serve as a handbook for those countries intending to undertake a functional review

Funded by UNDP Bratislava, Regional programme Good Governance RER/99/003

Duration: June 2001

Publication: UNDP (2001).Rebuilding State Structures: Methods and Approaches. New York: UNDP/RBEC




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