The Objectives of the Centre

To study the policies connected with the overall economic development and governance of the public sector, education, science, culture and technologies; to develop conceptions, strategies and models for their development and modernisation with a view to the world processes of globalisation and the accession of the Republic of Bulgaria to the European Union;

To design and implement complex, innovative and interdisciplinary educational, scientific and cultural programs related to the establishment and development of the civil society in the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as to increase citizen participation in the policy-making process;

To support social integration and personal advancement of the young and the underprivileged in socio-economic terms, and also - to assist regional development in order to improve quality of life and to satisfy basic human needs;

To support and implement contemporary forms and approaches for the protection of human rights, connected with the equal opportunities for social development, and also to protect persons from wrongful invasion of privacy through measures for raising the level of social awareness, the access to information, and the right of personal choice;

To design and implement models for using state-of-the-art information technologies for the provision of services, services for the public sector included; to organize and co-ordinate cooperation initiatives for the European organisations in the context of information society development;

To provide conditions for strengthening cooperation among organisations from Europe and Central Asia concerning transfer of knowledge and experience in the fields of crisis management and information security;

o provide methodological, technical and expert exchange of knowledge and information among the stakeholder organisations from the European countries on issues related to the overall economic development, public sector governance, education, science, culture and technologies;

To increase the national capacity for the efficient implementation of the European Union legislature and practices in the spheres of economy, governance, education, science and technologies through the implementation and popularisation of the principles of "good governance" and "knowledge economy", through interdisciplinary approaches.

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