Raising the knowledgs and professional skills of members of the newly-established municipality councils at the carrying out of their powers on determination and realization of municipality policy

The primary objective of the project is to raise the management skills and professional capacity of the members of the municipal councils to exercise their authorities concerning the conceiving and development of the municipal policy and the decision making process related to the local advancement and development in four municipalities from the district of Varna - Dolni Chiflik, Devnya, Byala and Suvorovo. The successful management of the local matters and the provision of local democratic environment depends on the role that the municipal councils play by exercising their wide authorities concerning the conceiving and development of the municipal policy. The execution of these authorities depends on the qualities of the managerial approach and the skills that the municipal counselors have as to the decision-making process.

Main project activities:

  • The team of the Centre for Policy Modernisation has developed series of lectures and materials and organised training seminars on the topics envisaged in the project schedule:
  • Legal framework in the field of management of local affairs;
  • Decision-making process;
  • Municipal property, local concessions and public procurements of public utilities;
  • Local and regional development planning;
  • Consultative process and citizens’ participation in the decision-making.

Client / Beneficiary:
 Municipal councils of Suvorovo, Devnja, Bjala and Dolni Chiflik

Duration of the project:
7 months, [December 2003 -June 2004]

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